What does Kartmagic do?
Should I be a designer to change my store design?
Who will upload my products frequently?
What should I do next when I get an order request?
How would my Kartmagic store be different from marketplaces and what value addition will it bring?
What is a payment gateway?
I would also like to include offline payment methods. Is that possible?
How much does Kartmagic cost?
How can I pay?
How will I get billed?
I own a shop which sells various products like shoes, electronic items, handicrafts etc. Will my Kartmagic store be able to feature all my products?
Is it possible to include pictures of my product on my Kartmagic store?
How long my products will take to appear on my online store once I have updated my store?
What if I want to stop selling a particular product on my store?
What if I want to temporarily stop selling a product and then again start selling it later?
Can I use my own domain on Kartmagic?
Can Kartmagic help me book a domain name?
I have many products on my store. Will it be easy for the customers to find what they are looking for?
Can Kartmagic help me with logistics for shipping of my products?
My customers should receive a notification via email or sms when they place an order.
They should also receive a message when the order is dispatched from the store? Is that possible?
Will Kartmagic charges me any transaction fee when i accept payments?
How much transaction commision will be charged by payment gate?
Is my data secured with Kartmagic?
Does Kartmagic provide social media integration?
What kind of marketing features does Kartmagic provide?
How easy is to add a custom domain?
Are coupons and discounts supported?
Is there a Kartmagic mobile app?
How are returns handled?
What about shipping and taxes?
Are Kartmagic themes mobile friendly?
Will my website be static or dynamic?
Is there any limit to the no. of pages?

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Kartmagic helps you to create your own online store to take your business to next level of making it a brand. Kartmagic is a well designed cloud based SaaS platform built with cutting edge technologies.

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