10 May 2016

The rise of e-commerce in India

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The e-commerce that was restricted to jobs and ticketing till 2007 has exploded since then and now e-commerce has become Omni present in every sector. From apparels, fashion accessories, shoes,electronics, real estate, groceries, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, education, insurance and many other goods and services in the B2C space to the procurement of every raw material and other commodities for any business, e-commerce platform is playing a crucial role.

The major factors that are contributing to the increasing development of the e-commerce sector in India include demography - the rise of an aspirational middle class with increasing amount of disposable income, and the greater variety and ever increasing quantity of investment in the e-commerce ventures in India.

E-commerce in India has been experiencing remarkable growth. It is successfully changing the way people transact. The online market space in the country is burgeoning in terms of offerings ranging from travel, movies, hotel reservations and books to the likes of matrimonial services, electronic gadgets, fashion accessories and even groceries. India is home to 3,311 e-commerce hubs, 1,267 rural hubs, 391 export hubs and 2,217 import hubs.

The fast-growing world of e-commerce offers a new cost-effective portal for consumers to learn more about a business and to purchase products and services with ease from anywhere in the world. Biggest game changer for e-commerce has been the internet. We have come a long way from 5 million internet users in 2000 to 200 million internet users as of 2014.

E-commerce businesses usually employ some or all of the following practices:

Provide virtual storefront on websites with online catalogs

Use electronic data interchange, the business-to-business exchange of data.

Reach prospective and established customers by e-mail or fax

Use business-to-business buying and

Provide secure business transactions.

E-commerce is becoming the life line for many businesses, and it’s changing how businesses develop their global expansion strategies.

Today everyone wants to indulge in a hassle-free online selling. Everyone needs an e-commerce platform that can help keep their businesses up and running 24x7. Kartmagic is a one stop solution to all e-commerce related needs.

At Kartmagic we help meet buyers and suppliers on a common platform. With Kartmagic, the consumers have a wider range of choices for the needed products from the different sellers. People can buy goods with a click of mouse button without moving out of their house or office.

Clearly, e-commerce in India can look forward to robust growth and the future of e-commerce in India is sure to be bright in the years to come.

Kartmagic is an e-commerce platform that helps small and medium enterprises increase their profit by taking their business online.

Enterprises can build their own online store in 3 easy steps without any technical experience.

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